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Yo-yos are timeless. We find that somewhere in the UK there is always a yo yo craze going on.

These days yoyos come in a wide range of designs. Basic models are great for beginners (and those last minute presents for childrens' birthdays!). Others are styled for various tricks. Many include instructional DVDs. Never disappointing.


Duncan Butterfly Yo-yo

2.99  1.99 (SRP. 3.99)

The Butterfly yoyo is one of the biggest selling yo-yos in history! Has a wide string gap so that learning string tricks is easier. Got to be tried!

Duncan FH Zero Yo-yo

11.99  5.99 (SRP. 14.99)

The FH Zero Yo-yo - no limits! Break the rules - use the counterweights to play without the yo-yo being tied to your hand. Gives an extreme dimension to freehand yo-yo tricks.

Duncan Imperial Yo-yo

2.99  1.99 (SRP. 3.99)

The Imperial yo-yo is one of the world's biggest selling yoyo's in history! A great, inexpensive starter yoyo. Brilliant for a party pressie.  

Duncan Mosquito Yo-yo

6.99  3.99 (SRP. 7.99)

Buy the Mosquito yo-yo! The Mosquito is a yo-yo is built for high speed and spin tricks.  It has a butterfly shape - aerodynamic and rim weighted.  

Duncan Proyo Yo-yo

5.49  3.99 (SRP. 5.99)

The Proyo yo-yo has to be tried! A competitive grade yo-yo at a very good price. The Proyo has a butterfly build - great for looping tricks. Includes a CD ROM to instruct and inspire!

Duncan Pulse Yo-yo

9.49 (SRP. 9.99)

The Pulse yo-yo is a fantastic, high performance yo-yo at an excellent price! The Pulse sets itself apart by lighting up and changing colour as it spins.

Duncan Reflex Yo-yo

9.49 (SRP. 9.99)

The Reflex yoyo is Duncan's first yo-yo with automatic return technology! Great price - must be tried! A fantastic yo-yo for adventurous beginners.

Duncan Speed Beetle Yo-yo

6.99  3.99 (SRP. 9.99)

The Speed Beetle yo-yo is one of the world's fastest loopers. Includes two sets of spacers to vary your play style. Excellent price - makes a great present.

Duncan Yo-yo Strings 5 Pack

2.50  1.99 (SRP. 2.50)

Replacement yo-yo string pack - don't let worn strings spoil your yo-yo tricks! Stock up on these quality cotton strings by Duncan.