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Tech Deck

Tech Deck is the ultimate collectable range for streetwise kids! These miniature skateboards and skateparks are available in countless designs including those by Ryan Sheckler and Tony Hawk.

Collect and build your own Tech Deck sk8parks then practise your skateboard skills.

Best sellers? Ryan Sheckler Warehouse Skateparks and the Skate Shop Bonus Packs.


Tech Deck Sk8 Park Bank Ramp


Tech Deck's new Sk8 Parks are already bestsellers. Two ramps including a Bank Ramp and a bonus Tech Deck skateboard!

Tech Deck Sk8 Park Stairs and Ramp

14.99  12.99 (SRP. 13.99)

Tech Deck's new Sk8 Parks are already bestsellers. This set includes two ramps, one with a stairs and rail. Includes a bonus skateboard

Tech Deck Skatepark Stairs and Rail

9.99 (SRP. 10.99)

Buy the Tech Deck Stairs and Rail skatepark and practise those skateboarding skills.. Designed by Tony Hawks, this is a cool SK8park addition for any Tech Deck collector.

Tech Deck Triple Combo Ramp

19.99  17.99 (SRP. 24.99)

The Triple Set Combo Ramp is an exciting Tech Deck skatepark set - position ramps to design 3 different skate parks. Includes a Tech Deck skateboard and grip