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Kidz Labs - Green Science Soda Can Robug

7.99 (SRP. 9.99)

Is it a science kit or a toy? This Soda Can Robug is a great little kit. Fun and educational.

Kidz Labs - Buzz Wire Making Kit

7.99 (SRP. 9.99)

The Buzz Wire Kit from Kidz Labs is educational and fun. Tell your friends to buzz off!

Kidz Labs - Dinorobot - Robot Making Kit

9.99  3.99 (SRP. 9.99)

The Dinorobot kit by Kidz Labs is a superb little kit for youngsters. Learn at the same time as build your own mechanical robot that rorars as it runs! Great value.

Kidz Labs Cosmic Rocket

7.99  6.99 (SRP. 9.99)

The Cosmic Racer IS rocket science! Launches up to 50 feet!

Kidz Labs Pocket Volcano Kit

1.99  0.99 (SRP. 2.49)

Use the Pocket Volcano Kit to perform 'volcanic eruptions' of your own!

Kidz Labs Spy Science - Intruder Alarm

7.99 (SRP. 9.99)

Use this Kidz Labs Spy Science Kit to make your own Intruder Alarm. A fun and educational way to keep your family out of your bedroom!

Kidz Labs Spy Science - Secret Message Kit

7.99  3.99 (SRP. 9.99)

Secret Message Kit - learn how spies communicate!  Contains more than 40 components and everything for 2 children to send messages in 8 different ways.