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Quiz Games

Quiz based board games are popular for children and adults alike. Quizzes go beyond the regular board game format and are typically challenging, fabulously sociable, often hilarious (educational too but don't tell the chil;dren).

Just beware - quizzes can bring out the worst in some of us!


Big Brain Academy Board Game


Who has the biggest brain?


29.99 (SRP. 34.99)

Cranium really is the ultimate family game. This refreshed edition gives the option of 3 game boards depending on how long you want to play for.

Cranium Junior


Cranium Junior is an exciting game for children. It challenges players to act, solve puzzles, crack codes, sculpt and sketch. Includes great props - deluxe decoder goggles, clay, tokens ...

The Logo Game

28.99 (SRP. 32.99)

The bestselling Logo Game is just brilliant. You will know more logos than you think - the game reaches into the parts of our brains that other games don't! 

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

33.99 (SRP. 34.99)

Trivial Pursuit Master - classic AND fresh, an irrisistable combination. The Master edition of Trivial Pursuit uses our favourite format but 3,000 bang up to date questions. Now has a timer too.

Trivial Pursuit Team Edition

23.99 (SRP. 24.99)

Trivial Pursuit Team Edition - the nation's favourite trivia game has been revamped! Now with clever new features and faster, exciting ways to play. 

Who's in the Bag

14.99 (SRP. 18.99)

Who's in the Bag is simple and hilarious. Great for families, friends, parties ... 

Who's in the Bag Add On Cards

5.99  4.99 (SRP. 5.99)

Extra cards for Who's in the Bag -  a great game for families, friends, parties, travelling ... This add on pack provides an extra 135 cards (over 400 characters)  

Who's in the Bag Game - Mini

6.99  4.99 (SRP. 7.99)

Mini Who's in the Bag is the tiddly sized version of the ever popular game for families, friends, parties... Ideal for taking on breaks, travelling ...