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30 Second Mysteries Book

5.99  1.99 (SRP. 6.99)

The 30 Second Mysteries Book is a book that you can play! Use the integral spinner to obtain your case and evidence then try to crack the mystery. Great travel or gift idea!

Batty Brainteasers Book

2.99  1.99 (SRP. 3.99)

Batty Brainteasers - are you warped enough to enjoy this book...? Whoopee cushion inside! Makes a fun, inexpensive gift for older children and adults.

Big Brain Academy Board Game


Who has the biggest brain?

Comic Crosswords Book

2.99 (SRP. 3.99)

Comic Crosswords Book Puzzles - for a happy spare moment when you really have nothing better to do! A great gift idea. Whoopee cushion inside!

Cross Eyed Card Game

7.99  1.99

Cross Eyed game - a fantastic, original card game for quick witted puzzle fans. 

Noodlers Puzzle Box

9.00  2.99

Fantastic, original noodlers puzzle box. 80+ challenges for older children and adults