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Mighty Beanz

Mighty Beanz are jumping beans like never before! Each of the 100+ Beanz has it's own unique character such as Woolly Mammoth Bean, Poodle Bean, Fried Bean and Hollywood Stunt Bean.

Collect, trade and do tricks with your Mighty Beanz. They are a perfect collectable toy for children, being small and inexpensive. Mighty Beanz are available in packs of 3 and 6. Use the brilliant Flip Track for tricks and also as a case for carrying your Mighty Beanz around.


Mighty Beanz 3 Pack

2.49  0.99 (SRP. 2.99)

Mighty Beanz are hot to collect and play with! 100 cool beanz to collect - you never know which 3 beanz you will get, but trade them with your friends....