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John Deere

John Deere

The John Deere range of tractors, trailers and gators is as you expect of this excellent brand - well designed, robust vehicles for active children that offer top value for money.


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John Deere X Trac Tractor

159.99 (SRP. 179.99)

The John Deere X Trac tractor by Rolly is an extremely tough tractor, worthy of the John Deere brand. It is a large pedal tractor, for slightly children to use.

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Farm Trailer for John Deere Tractors


The John Deere farm trailer for large and small pedal tractors - will enhance play for children of all ages. 4 detatchable sides, sturdy and built to last.

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Gator HPX Battery Cover


Spare Part for Gator HPX MCESPST8095J battery cover

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John Deere 360 Degree Excavator

79.99 (SRP. 90.99)

The John Deere brand Excavator by Rolly is sure to delight your child! Turns 360 degrees from a 4 wheel base.

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John Deere 7930 Tractor

161.99 (SRP. 189.99)

The John Deere 7930 series is the newest series of great John Deere children's pedal tractors. Tough and great fun for young children. A competitive price too.

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John Deere 7930 Tractor with Front Loader


The John Deere 7930 tractor with front loader is great fun for litte ones. Extremely tough as expected of the John Deere brand. Front loader adds lots of extra interest.

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John Deere 7930 Tractor with Front Loader and Air Tyres

329.99 (SRP. 379.99)

The John Deere 7930 is top of the range in the John Deere tractor series. It has pneumatic tyres and is extremely tough.  

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John Deere Ground Force Tractor

419.99 (SRP. 549.99)

The John Deere Ground Force Tractor is a top of the range ride on electric tractor. Brilliant features - even a radio! Free delivery too! 

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John Deere HPX Gator (12V)

499.99 (SRP. 624.99)

The John Deere HPX Gator is very high performance gator with two seats and other exciting features. Great price and free delivery too! 

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John Deere Jumbo Water Tanker

101.99 (SRP. 114.99)

The John Deere Jumbo Water Tanker is a super accessory for tractors. Kids and water? They'll love it!

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John Deere Mega Trailer for Ride On Tractor

119.99 (SRP. 129.99)

The Mega Trailer is a fabulous accessory for John Deere tractors. Sturdy and fun for children. Offers endless play for active kids.

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John Deere Mini Trac Tractor

59.99 (SRP. 73.99)

The Mini Trac is the starter tractor in the John Deere series. Suitable for mini farmers from just 12 months old! Lots of detail, robust and delivered free!   

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John Deere Mini Trac Trailer

28.99 (SRP. 39.99)

This Mini Trac trailer is for the John Deere Mini Trac ride on tractor. A very useful accessory! Free delivery too.  

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John Deere Power Pull Tractor (12V)


The John Deere Power Pull Tractor is a brilliant 12 volt electric tractor. You are assured of John Deere brand features and quality. 

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Trailer for John Deere Ground Force and Power Pull Tractors

51.99 (SRP. 59.99)

The John Deere Trailer for the popular Ground Force and Power Pull Tractors.

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X-Trac John Deere Ride on Tractor with Front Loader


The X-Trac John Deere is a great little pedal tractor with front loader. Read on for details of high quality features ..... Free delivery of this tractor !