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Horror Games

Horror games are a thriving genre. Who are you???!

We are expanding our range of horror games - any suggestions? Our best selling range is Munchkin - look out for new expansion sets out soon ....


A Touch of Evil

34.99  18.99 (SRP. 34.99)

A Touch of Evil - The Supernatural Game, is a winning combination of fiends, murder, heroes, gossip, terror ... and darkness.

Bump In The Night Game

19.99  9.99 (SRP. 24.99)

Bump in the Night - teenagers spend the night in a haunted house but dawn will not come soon enough to save them ... A bestseller in the USA. You brave enough to try it?

Dominion Card Game

29.99 (SRP. 34.99)

Dominion - an award winning card based game that intruigues and involves players of all generations. You are a monarch - now act like one!

Invasion From Outer Space

42.99  29.99 (SRP. 49.99)

Invasion From Outer Space - a mad combination of Martians, Sci-Fi and Circus. Don't even try to resist! Very entertaining (CD music included), very involving. Just very ... cool!

Last Night On Earth

34.99  29.99 (SRP. 39.99)

Last Night on Earth - absolutely our favourite brain eating Zombie game. Has to be played. Has to be survived.

Munchkin Bites Card Game

17.99 (SRP. 19.99)

Munchkin Bites - did we need yet another kooky slant on Munchkin? Of course we did! Munchkin Bites takes you (all you Vampires that is) to new depths.

Munchkin Booty Card Game

15.99 (SRP. 19.99)

Another brilliant take on the original Munchkin card game! In Munchkin Booty you get to sail the high seas being even nastier than before. You are a Pirate (Blackbeard, Redbeard or Nobeard), Naval Officer or Merchant - do your worst to reach Le

Munchkin Card Game

16.99 (SRP. 19.99)

Munchkin is brilliant. This is the original award winning card game that captures the dungeon experience in a slightly dodgy kind of way .... kind of tasteless. You'll see!  

Munchkin Cthulhu Game

16.99 (SRP. 19.99)

Munchkin Cthulhu is a fantastic (literally) version of the original Munchkin card game. It is based (very loosely-of course) on Lovecraft's 1920's horror books. You are a Monster Whacker, an Investigator, a Professor

Pandemic Game

22.99 (SRP. 24.99)

Pandemic - truly a game of our times. Travel across the globe fighting the tide of infection as it threatens to overtake the world. An involving, fast moving game.

Zombies!!! 2nd Edition Board Game

19.99 (SRP. 23.99)

Zombies are everywhere! You must escape or face certain death. This chilling (funny) card and tile game is different each time you play. Must be tried!