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Good Games For Two People

These games are particularly great for when there are just the two of you. Some are designed for 2 (eg. Lost Cities, a long time best seller), others just well suited but can be played by more than 2 (Quiddler - maddeningly competitive).


Axis and Allies Guadalcanal

28.99 (SRP. 32.99)

In the Axis and Allies Guadalcanal board game, your military forces struggle for control of the Solomon Islands. Are you clever enough and brave enough to succeed?

Bananagrams Game

12.99  8.99 (SRP. 14.99)

Bananagrams - just such a great game! So simple but family friendly, addictive and quick to learn and play. Great price too!

Battleship Game


Battleships - the modern way to play the classic game! This updated edition by Hasbro is bright and appealing but the principles of combat remain.

Boggle Flash

23.99 (SRP. 24.99)

Boggle never stays still! Now Boggle Flash uses 5 electronic flashing and beeping letter tiles. 3 different ways to play and all as fast paced and addictive as ever.

Boggle Slam


Boggle Slam - another perfect Boggle game. This is a quick paced, word forming card game - and nattily packaged, making it a brilliant family travel game.

Carcassonne The Castle Board Game

19.99  14.99 (SRP. 23.99)

Carcassonne The Castle is a stand alone game for 2 players in the award winning Carcassonne series. Brilliant design.   


4.99  2.99 (SRP. 5.99)

Hangman - a perfectly packaged and inexpensive travel game. Hangman is just one of those classic games that never goes out of fashion.


1.99 (SRP. 5.99)

Le Cardo is an ingenious little card game. Race to be the last player to use all your cards to form word compounds. Simple but involving - try it!

Lost Cities Game

15.99  9.99 (SRP. 19.99)

Lost Cities - fancy going to the Himalayas? Brazilian Rain Forest? Love the desert? volcanoes? A great game for two. Small box makes it ideal as a travel game.

Quiddler Card Game

8.00 (SRP. 10.00)

We LOVE Quiddler! A Toymonkey bestseller and sales grow week by week.  

Risk Balance of Power

18.99 (SRP. 19.99)

Risk Balance of Power is tense, fast, thrilling .... a head to head version of the classic game of Risk for 2 players. Dare you take on the challenge?

Scrabble Dash Card Game

4.99  4.99 (SRP. 6.99)

Scrabble Dash - the latest Scrabble craze. A quick paced, family friendly card game that begs to be played. Fast, short games make Scrabble Dash brilliant for travels.

SCRABBLE Deluxe - 2014 Refresh

37.99 (SRP. 49.99)

The Deluxe SCRABBLE board game is the posh way to play!  The Deluxe edition has an integral turntable and a tile lock system to stop tiles slipping. Great gift.

Set Game

8.00 (SRP. 10.00)

Set is an intruiging card game of visual perception. Winner of over 25 Best Game Awards.  

Travel Hungry Hippos

4.99  4.99 (SRP. 5.99)

Travel Hungry Hippos is an ever popular family game - now available for taking on your travels. An inexpensive bit of fun.


4.99  2.99 (SRP. 5.99)

Warships - a great classic, neatly packaged and priced as a travel game.

Who Is It?

4.99  2.99 (SRP. 5.99)

Who Is It? - an inexpensive, entertaining travel game. Dinky enough to pack in a travel bag.