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Especially for Boys!

We're generalising here! Some boys think they aren't keen on arts and crafts activities but are proved wrong when getting stuck into the right products. We keep an eye out for interesting kits that will appeal to boys at least as much as girls.


Air Hogs Hover Assault R/C

41.99 (SRP. 49.99)

Hover Assault by Air Hogs® - it flies, jumps, drives and shoots! A brilliant R/C vehicle.

Air Hogs R/C Hawk Eye

40.99 (SRP. 49.99)

Air Hogs® Hawk Eye Blue Sky - R/C just got really exciting! Fly the skies and take video and photos to download to your own computer. 

Magic Balloon Double Tube Set

2.99  1.50 (SRP. 2.99)

Double the Bubbles! Blow shapes and mould translucent balloon shaped bubbles with the Magic Balloon paste provided. Very popular for party bags.

Medieval Castle Building Kit

18.99  9.99 (SRP. 19.99)

The Brick 'n Build Medieval Castle is a kit designed with lots of imagination. Mould the bricks and build your own castle. Be a medieval architect!

Pirate Treasure Chest Kit

7.99 (SRP. 9.99)

The Pirate Treasure Chest Kit - pirates and treasure are a winning combination! Paint, decorate then keep your own personal treasure safe in it. Draw a treasure map. Will it be true or fake, to keep friends and family off the scent?</p

SYMA 3CH Helicopter With Gyro S033G

55.00 (SRP. 75.00)

This is the largest helicopter in the Syma range, measuring 67cm from nose to tail.

SYMA 3CH IR Helicopter With Camera 107C

35.00 (SRP. 40.00)

This remote control Syma Helicopter from the 107 series has a HD camera installed on the undercarriage.

SYMA 3CH IR Helicopter with Gyro S107N

21.00 (SRP. 30.00)

3CH IR Helicopter by Syma® - a IR helicopter with gyro stabilisation. Great fun.

SYMA 3CH RC Helicopter Fiery Dragon

35.00 (SRP. 40.00)

The S032G is larger than the 107 series of Syma Helicopters, stretching to 30cm in length from nose to tail. It is also radio-controlled, giving it a better flight range than smaller infrared helicopters.

Wikki Stix - Rainbow

2.50 (SRP. 2.99)

Wikki Stix - how much fun with no mess? Award winning Wikki Stix are wax coated modelling sticks for little fingers (and big ones!) to create ... well ... whatever!