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Duncan Yo-yos

Duncan the original yo-yo brand and still going strong!

The Imperial and the Butterfly yo-yos are the biggest selling yo-yos in history. Want to try something a little bit different? How about the Reflex Yo-yo - has an auto return feature, the Pulse Yo-yo has multicolour lights that change as it spins, or the FH Zero Yo-yo - has counterweights for an extra dimension to looping and string tricks.

Not sure where to begin? Give us a ring if you would like more details, and remember - many of the yo-yos now include a CD ROM to instruct and inspire.


Duncan Butterfly Yo-yo

2.99  1.99 (SRP. 3.99)

The Butterfly yoyo is one of the biggest selling yo-yos in history! Has a wide string gap so that learning string tricks is easier. Got to be tried!

Duncan FH Zero Yo-yo

11.99  5.99 (SRP. 14.99)

The FH Zero Yo-yo - no limits! Break the rules - use the counterweights to play without the yo-yo being tied to your hand. Gives an extreme dimension to freehand yo-yo tricks.

Duncan Imperial Yo-yo

2.99  1.99 (SRP. 3.99)

The Imperial yo-yo is one of the world's biggest selling yoyo's in history! A great, inexpensive starter yoyo. Brilliant for a party pressie.  

Duncan Mosquito Yo-yo

6.99  3.99 (SRP. 7.99)

Buy the Mosquito yo-yo! The Mosquito is a yo-yo is built for high speed and spin tricks.  It has a butterfly shape - aerodynamic and rim weighted.  

Duncan Proyo Yo-yo

5.49  3.99 (SRP. 5.99)

The Proyo yo-yo has to be tried! A competitive grade yo-yo at a very good price. The Proyo has a butterfly build - great for looping tricks. Includes a CD ROM to instruct and inspire!

Duncan Pulse Yo-yo

9.49 (SRP. 9.99)

The Pulse yo-yo is a fantastic, high performance yo-yo at an excellent price! The Pulse sets itself apart by lighting up and changing colour as it spins.

Duncan Reflex Yo-yo

9.49 (SRP. 9.99)

The Reflex yoyo is Duncan's first yo-yo with automatic return technology! Great price - must be tried! A fantastic yo-yo for adventurous beginners.

Duncan Speed Beetle Yo-yo

6.99  3.99 (SRP. 9.99)

The Speed Beetle yo-yo is one of the world's fastest loopers. Includes two sets of spacers to vary your play style. Excellent price - makes a great present.