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Doll Figures

Liv Dolls beat Barbies and Bratz! Liv dolls have their own personality and looks - just like your own friends.

More realistic, with beautiful fashion outfits, accessories and wigs, Liv dolls are true companions. Meet Sphie, Alexis, Katie and Daniele  and follow their lives at


Doll Making Kit - Princess (No Sewing!)

7.99 (SRP. 8.99)

The No-Sew Princess Doll Making Kit really doesn't require any sewing! The kit provides everything you need to make this dinky princess - even a birth certificate!

Dress Her Up - Fashion Design Kit

7.99  2.99 (SRP. 8.99)

Dress Her Up Kit  - Be a fashion designer! Use this kit to design and cut out clothes for a magnetic doll then customize them with beads and sequins.

Liv Fashion Doll - Katie

8.99  3.99 (SRP. 19.99)

Sporty Katie is a Liv doll - she just loves to get out and get active! Chech out her outfit and accessories - Katie has 2 hairstyles too!  

Woollie Dollies Kit

9.99  5.99 (SRP. 9.99)

The Woollie Dollies Kit - just lovely! Create your own mini dolls house and 6 wool dolls too. Traditional and modern at the same time. Mummies and Grannies take a look too!