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Card Games > BrainBox English History
BrainBox English History
BrainBox English History
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BrainBox English History

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Brain Box English History is a brilliant memory recall game for children. It is a clever game that is quick to play and very popular.


BrainBox History contains 71 beautifully illustrated cards featuring images and information about a wide range of English history topics. An example is a card about Henry VIII - how many of his wives are wearing hats? Is he wearing a crown? Who was wife number 5? 


The player has 10 seconds (using a sand timer) to take in as much information as possible. They then roll an 8 sided die to determine which question they are to answer. If they answer correctly, they keep the card. The player having the most cards at the end of the game wins. You decide how long you want to play for.


Our experience of BrainBox games is that even small children who cannot read the detail quickly are in with an equal chance of winning BrainBox. They can take in visual detail quicker than players who are quick readers. 


The compact, sturdy box and quick nature of Brainbox makes it an ideal travel game.


Age: box says 8 years + but our 4/5 year olds play this too

Size: 12x12x12cm

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