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Be Impressed by the 2012 Plum Products range of Sand Pits and Sand Tables

06/03/2012 Be Impressed by the 2012 Plum Products range of Sand Pits and Sand Tables

Plum Products' expanded range of sand pits and tables is the business. We have no doubt that there will be a sandpit for your garden.


Think traditional, giant, square, hexagonal, octagonal, with or without seats, integral to picnic tables or play tables, with water, with storage ... please tell us if you don't see the one you need.  

Best Autumn Story

13/09/2011 Best Autumn Story

A cautionary image - beware of overindulgence in fermenting windfall apples!

Autumn is definitely on it's way. Time to hole up and get the games out!

Fairy Princess Play Tent

20/05/2011 Fairy Princess Play Tent

We don't know a Princess who wouldn't adore this play tent. Our Wigwam has been an outstanding success this Spring ... so we added the Fairy Princess tent to our range. The same high quality and the same attention to detail.


Beware Mums - you might not fit!

Jungle Speed now in

31/01/2011 Jungle Speed now in

Jungle Speed is a new card game that we sought out at our annual pilgrimage to Toy Fair. We keep hearing about it ... all good news.

Happily we tracked it down and now have it on the Toymonkey website. And what a game! Similar to Snap and UNO in theme, Jungle Speed is simple but huge fun. Match the dealt cards and snatch the central 'totem' pole in the middle to lose your cards. Additional cards with extra instructions keep you on your toes.

Jungle Speed will delight players of all ages (the guide is from 7 but we think younger is fine - what smaller children may lack in reflexes they without doubt make up for with their little hands. Beware!).

At £12.99 and being of a dinky size, Jungle Speed makes an ideal travel game or birthday gift. Try it and let us know what you think.


Off to Toy Fair 2011!


Our annual visit to Toy Fair is a real joy. What's not to like? Seeing old friends and making new contacts, plus a first look at the toys and games that will be hot in the Christmas season 2011. Yes it starts this soon!

In 2011 we are actively looking to increase our range of outdoor activity toys. The increase in staycationing has shown us that many families are sticking around in the summer and looking for good old fashioned garden games to play at home or whilst holidaying in the UK. Right up our street - check in soon for new ranges.