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Toys and games with the Wow Factor - Products that don’t break on Christmas Day - No nonsense, quick and easy to use website - Prices that don’t make you gulp - Best security - goes without saying. Whoops just did! - Brilliant service

About us

We are .....

a family based company.  We have enjoyed using our experiences as parents, grandparents, children and consumers to build an exciting online shop that gives excellent service.

Our overriding aim is .....

to inspire families with imaginative toys, games and garden activities. Our modern times have seen the demise of high street toy shops and the toy market is increasingly driven by multinational corporations who promote the big brands of the moment. We think this is a great shame, as there are many other cracking toys out there – it’s just getting harder to find them! Let us do the legwork!

We sell the toys and games that we like our own children to play with. Think whacking a swingball, building a medieval castle from your own bricks, mastering a wave board, showing off your yo-yo tricks – the light up one in the dark of course, or playing Scrabble Trickster with Grandad (the one that has no rules – both Scrabble and Grandad that is). Toymonkey is big on activity based toys – often traditional with that all important modern twist to make life interesting. 

The future is ....

 what you want it to be. Both the world of toys and games and the technology available to sell them are dynamic/tricky/intriguing/a little bit scary (choose the one that suits!). Toymonkey is committed to adapting to the opportunities that will best achieve the aims above. Your comments regarding products and service will be discussed and reflected upon. As a small retailer, Toymonkey is well placed to listen and change. So bend our ears and watch this space.

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